I’m an electrical engineer and co-founder of Jeeva Wireless, where I currently work. In grad school I helped to develop Ambient Backscatter, a low power wireless communication technology, and ran the WISP project for a while. I’m based in Seattle, Washington.



What I’m doing

Jeeva Wireless

Jeeva is bringing a radically different type of wireless connectivity solution into the mainstream. Cheaper, lower power, and even battery-less connectivity are all possible. I’m proud to be a co-founder and the VP of Product at Jeeva.


What I did

Ambient Backscatter

In graduate school, I was part of a team that developed technologies to allow devices to talk by reflecting ambient radio signals. And in some cases to use these same radio signals as an energy source. This is maybe the latest incarnation of Harry Stockman’s 1948 dream of using reflections to communicate.


The WISP is an open-source, software-defined RFID tag built around a low-power MSP430 microcontroller. It’s powered wirelessly, and so doesn’t have or need a battery. The WISP is a long-running project of my PhD advisor, Prof. Joshua Smith, and I was lucky enough to be involved in the development and promotion of the WISP 5.



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